A Signal for Redemption

National Indie Excellence Award Winner!

There was supposed to be a technologically advanced colony waiting for the settlers on the planet that will become home. There was also supposed to be a psi-directed signal to guide the ark ship Redemption to a safe landing. Then again, the ship’s timedrive wasn’t supposed to fail, and they weren’t supposed to be getting here a thousand years late, so it makes sense that their arrival isn’t exactly expected. The rundown, overcrowded ship won’t support them much longer, though, so they send scouts to the planet to arrange a welcome — one way or another. 

Piers Haldon is the strongest Empath the ship can spare. In theory, if he finds others (and there should be some among the colonists’ descendants), he can channel their psi energy and create the signal the ship needs. If he can’t find them in time, Redemption will have to try to land without guidance, and that’s almost guaranteed to end in a fiery disaster. Trouble is, either his own psi ability isn’t working down here, or there really aren’t any other Empaths around… And there really isn’t a back-up plan, other than “just do the best you can on your own, Piers.”

All he has to go on are some vague rumors about a group of mystics, until he hears of a missing local man who may have the answers he needs, if Piers can find him. As he follows rumors from town to town in a society pulled from Earth’s feudal history, Piers discovers that he represents a myth that only outcasts and lunatics believe — and it’s a belief that leads to persecution. In whispers, Piers hears of a merciless lord with plans for an empire that will most definitely not welcome the long-delayed settlers. 

Now Piers must search without being found, hide the truth without lying, and forge connections with people who don’t believe him. Finding the Empaths to create the signal will be the difference between arrival and extinction for everyone he knows and loves, and the ship is running out of time.

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