Inside each of us is a world as rich and mysterious as the universe around us. Lately most of my stories, one way or another, come back to that truth. Call it cosmic introspection, maybe, but I’m drawn to exploring humanity in context and considering how individuals connect to their world and each other.

A Signal for Redemption | Available on Amazon

Winner of the 2022 National Indie Excellence Award for Cross Genre Fiction!

Nothing has really gone according to plan, not for the ark ship Redemption, not for the colony that was supposed to be waiting for them, and not for Empath Piers Haldon on his scouting mission. Now the ship’s systems are failing, and the settlers are desperate to land. For that to happen, Piers needs to find people with psi ability on the planet to guide the ship’s landing … and there don’t seem to be any. As he searches in a society that seems like something from Earth’s preindustrial past, he discovers that he represents legends no one believes — and that strangers can get in a lot of trouble. Keeping a low profile means his best hope to make the connections he needs is to find a missing hero, a kidnapped heiress, and a group of mystic nomads who just might be psi. If he succeeds, they can create the guidance signal the ship needs, before the ship’s dire conditions force a landing attempt that Piers is sure will mean the death of everyone he loves.

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Safe Conduct  |  Work in progress


Kath Tarragó is on the failing ark ship Redemption as the ship nears the end of its journey. She thought she’d be on the planet as a landing scout, but an accident scratched her from the mission. With her insider knowledge of the scout program and the access she has to the bridge crew — to say nothing of access to the engineers-only parts of the ship — Kath would be an asset to anyone trying to change the landing plan. When she starts to suspect that her accident was part of a plot, her questions make her a target instead. Can she expose a mutinous plot without setting off a chain of events that threatens the survival of everyone on board?

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Why I write science fiction

New settings give us new perspective. Science fiction allows writers to create worlds with specific features that help us see ourselves differently. When we can do that, we begin to understand all kinds of important things about what it means to be human. Besides – it’s fun.