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I write character-driven science fiction filled with emotion, adventure, and the exploration of new worlds. It’s a pleasure to introduce someone to the story worlds and people I’ve come to know so well — I hope you find something here that resonates with you.

A Signal for Redemption

Winner of 16th annual National Indie Excellence Award - Gold medal for cross-genre fiction.


“A Signal for Redemption did not disappoint. From the very first page, I was swept into the story, compelled to keep reading...”  – Reedsy Discovery

Fascinating story with great characters and intriguing plot

“The world building is, quite frankly, stellar (excuse the pun). Imaginative, quirky at times, and just plain old clever the rest. You’ll want to savour the moments as you use each POV to put the pieces together. Intelligent writing like this gets you to think, but doesn’t lose you along the way.”Amazon UK Review

Couldn’t put it down

This was a very enjoyable read. Science fiction and the middle ages rolled into one very believable story….great job of describing the worlds the characters lived in and a great job of making the characters come alive. – Amazon Review

Colony SF meets midevil political fantasy – Engdahl and Lowry fans will love

We used A Signal for Redemption for our book club. We loved this book. There were interesting, relatable characters combined with futuristic attributes. The storyline was fascinating and I can hardly wait until the next book comes out. – Amazon Review

Said and Read Blog

Some observations and musings from a word-loving and language-obsessed reader, writer, editor, and strategic communicator, 

Language Curmudgeon

Language evolves for lots of good reasons – but there are also good reasons why linguistic changes can make a person grumpy.

The Elements of Genre

The Elements of Genre

A book’s genre is a clue about the balance between the main drivers of story – plot, character, or setting.